You know it's clean when it's Crystal clean

Everything we do is focused on providing the best car wash and customer service experience.

Our formula is simple; we make people feel good by delivering a clean, dry and shiny car every time. We believe that no matter what you drive, you will feel even better about your car after visiting one of our locations.

Our Purpose

Inspiring people to shine

​We couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for the incredible men and women of Crystal Car Wash. Inspiring our people to have the confidence to reach their full potential keeps us focused on giving them the tools to shine.

Our Brand

Who we are

The Crystal Car Wash brand is anchored in quality, speed and our commitment to creating a memorable customer experience. We deliver a clean, dry, shiny car but what really sets us apart is our people. The Crystal Car Wash brand is about inspiring potential and giving both our employees and customers the motivation to be their best.

Our Values

We work hard. We care. We have fun.

Our values are guiding principles on how we make decisions and operate as a company. They provide a platform for us to make deeper connections with all of our stakeholders. As we stay true to our value set we know we can achieve our purpose of inspiring people to shine.